Advantages of Keeping Fit


When you talk about being fit, it simply means that you can stretch your body to limits without harming yourself. It is essential to make sure that you are fit because this is the only way you can remain healthy. Here are some of the benefits you can get by keeping fit.


Keeps You in a Good Mood

Staying fit can help you to have a good mood the whole day. The good thing about being in a good mood throughout the day is that you are more productive when you feel good. Exercise is known for reducing stress which is a huge advantage. When you engage in exercises such as running, for example, you can maintain a good mood. This is because this form of exercise helps to increase the production of both dopamine and endorphins which are known as the feel good hormones. For those who run to keep fit, they mostly experience the 'runners high' which comes as a result of the hormone production. Nonetheless, over time the good mood becomes permanent as your body gets used to the exercise. See more on inner healing with positive thoughts.


Increases IQ

The second advantage of keeping fit is that it helps to improve your IQ. Research states that this occurs because exercising helps to increase the amount of oxygen that goes into an individual's brain. Moreover, when you are always exercising there is increased production of the feel good hormones which help the brain especially in lowering the risk of other illnesses that may affect the brain's functioning.


Boosts Self-esteem

When you make it a habit to keep fit, your self-confidence goes up. This is because most people not only exercise to be healthy but they do to feel more attractive and worthy. This applies to both men and women. Exercising helps to shape your body based on how you like it. This is an achievement that helps people to feel proud of themselves and how they look. Read more on fitness blog.


Boosts the Immune System

Finally, exercising is good for the immune system. When you are fit, you rarely get sick. This is because keeping fit helps to keep you healthy by eliminating things that may make you susceptible to some illnesses. You also get to exercise some of your organs thus making them stronger. Your immune system operates better when every organ in your body is doing fine. It can fight diseases if you are not stressed. This is something that can be eliminated by exercising. Read more at